Monday, March 14, 2011

Tweets in 2010 - part 1

This post is longgg overdue. Last December, I revisited all my tweets in 2010 just to look back and reminisce at one, if not the most, profound year of my life. As for me, tweeting is one of the vehicles to translate my esoteric feelings into fathomable language; although some are admittedly pure trash talking, some are words replete with meanings and emotions. For sure, 2010 defied everything regular and I was not left untouched by its surprising mark.

1st part of the year
A self-controlling person can't stand before the face of uncertainty; he always tries uncontrollably to get a grip of something, but that is pure folly when he remembers there are actually not much things that is within his control; The joystick is there somewhere, but it certainly not in the grip of his hands. Here is a story of anxiety and dependency, shining brightly in a lovely contrast.

When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider: God has made the one (bad times) as well as the other (good times). So, Psalm 118:24 

Playing and replaying all kind of possible scenarios in my head - if only i can fast forward and see the episode finale 

Just learned today that next Friday is my last day to get a job - or else I'll be leaving town. Please pray for strength and peaceful heart

Isn't that another thing to be grateful for, that our darkest past will be turned out for good? Romans 8:28

For I've learned to be content whatever d circumstances, and with that, I can do everything through him who gives me strength - Phil 4

Waking up hating myself and the world - have to flush all those craps and flood my mind with perspective

Life is like a mystery novel, d only way to know d unknown is to flip the page, confident that each day brings us closer to the end 

It has been a long n winding journey; from make up, weight loss formula, satellite TV, seafood and fertilizer starting on next week

And I hope this is it, that the search is finally over - oh what a journey, what a god

Going through my journal entries; funny how life plays out, how feelings change, and how people play their roles