Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tips for Passing Search Advanced Google Exam

Looking for tips for passing the Search Advertising Advanced Exam for Google Adwords? You stumble to the right blog post. I understand the frustration of having to gorge the whole modules from the learning center, thus it is my burden to help you focus on the right chapters or topics.

First, the test is pretty tough compared to the fundamental exam. The passing score is 80% and I scored 89%, which was not bad I supposed. But, I literally crammed my brain during the test, forcing and squeezing the remaining brain juice left. Fortunately, you have ample of time to finish it, Google gives you 3 hours time to finish 109 questions. So, you have the privilege of time.

Here are some pointers to the topics that were heavily covered:
1. Invalid Click. Definitely read through the whole module (sorry I can't be more helpful, lol) But it is a short chapter, and I can assure you almost all the topics there were covered. Know the common causes, how Google prevents invalid click, and what an advertiser should do when they are suspicious about certain clicks.

2. Adwords Tools. Easy chapters yet tons of questions, this is where you want to score. Know what the purpose of all the tools. As far as I can remember, the questions were pretty straight forward. If you want to X, which tool would you use? Check check check.

3. This question is still vivid in my mind and it is still haunting me, even two days after the exam. I still can't figure out what's the difference between standalone keyword tool and account keyword tool. I googled it, search the term in Adwords Help Center, all to no avail. Please please someone help me find the answer and let me know once you have it.

4. For Adwords Editor and MCC, I highly recommend you to actually use the tools for your campaign. Majority of the questions test your experience in using the tools, not so much your reading / memorization on the subject. So, use them, get familiar how to get around and know these: how to give access level in MCC, different kind of access levels, and of course, the main benefits of those tools.

5. API. Most people never use it, I don't. But there are still some questions about it. I would recommend to just know the highlight of this tool, know what it is for, the purpose, the benefit, etc. That's it.

6. Conversion Optimizer: the relationship between CPC and CPA, read thoroughly the "troubleshooting" part (if you see decrease in traffic / conversion, what might be the cause), which feature compatible with conversion optimizer.

7. There are still lots of questions from the basic fundamental exam like keyword, location targeting, or even definition of CTR. So, those are bonus points for you.

Well, I think those were some topics that pretty much slapped me on the face. And as lame as this sounds, I still strongly recommend you to try experimenting with Adwords for a while, especially the tools like Editor, MCC, Keyword tool, My change history etc. Nothing works better than experience right, and it is much truer here, majority of the questions are not theoretical but practical; not straight forward but hypothetical case questions like, if X want to target Y location, also Z person who has V behavior, what should X do to increase M ?

Look, if you know how Adwords works, those questions can be answered pretty quick, but without proper understanding of the concept, it may turn you upside down begging for help (or Google). So, the quickest way to pass this exam might be the longest path, but in the end, here is the reward for those who are persistent.


Anonymous said...

Congrats. Thanks for sharing.

Gerry C Joeng said...

Glad to help. Good luck for yours

Noelia said...

Tahnk you very much, it was so helpfull for me! I hope with this I can pass the exam.
HAve a nice day!

Naruto said...

thanks so much, it is very helpful

Naruto said...

Google reduced timing to 2 hours. There are some questions about invalid clicks, solutions when discovering, some questions about DMS,MCC,and many questions about keyword tools, AWE benefits and some kinds like that.
Hope you all good luck

Abe said...

Hi there...just passed with an 83%...super excited...thanks for the info...

Chuyên thi chứng chỉ said...

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deddy said...

Thanks for sharing, its helpful for me. I have already passed the fundamental exam, and will continue to take the advanced exam.