Tuesday, September 30, 2008

5 days & 4 nights over Fall Break 2008

Some pictures from my recent trip to New York & Boston with Marcel, Johan and William. It was a great trip overall and an eye-opening experience for William personally. haha. New York? Great city with great diversity. Boston? Beautiful historical city with great restaurants. Personal preference? Boston, by farrrr... 

View from Brooklyn Bridge: something missing, if only the trip was not with four guys. hehe

Successfully manage not to smile in this picture. It was Sept 11 2008 when this picture was taken and people were commemorating the tragedy.

The Charging Bull, it does not look so 'bullish' at this critical moment in time.

In the inside of United Nation main meeting hall; dream job? probably.

After struggling through some "disagreements", here we are at MIT.

Boston, I'm in love. Right view with the right person. lol.

Finally, there were girlsss. minus Melissa, the photographer.

Happy Ending (not forgetting the super long walk though): O-H-I-O

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