Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Christmas Gift


Thank you for your faithfulness. It has been a sweet ten years of journey. Thank you for revealing your incomprehensible grace slowly in my life and as the year grows, help me not to take it for granted. Renew and re-amaze me every morning. 

Thank you for such a unique family that you've entrusted me to. Thank you for their outpouring care and guidance and may I have the opportunity to take over the roles and love them as much as they love me. 

Thank you for the heroes and villains, for both good and bad friends that have crisscrossed my days . Help me to love them unconditionally.

Thank you for not loosening your grip once I start to lean on my own strength. Thank you for unveiling my meekness and guiding me quarter to quarter in my academic path. 

Thank you for pressing my ego harder everytime my stubbornness kicks in. Thank you for the moments of silence where subtlety can be so loud and distinct. 

Thank you for the dissimilarities that colour my daily life. Thank you for all the blacks who keep on clashing with the white within me. Thank you for exposing that black and white demand each other to create the better gray. 

Thank you for entrusting the responsibility and gently assuaging my apprehension. Thank you for letting me to see the rainbow after every storm and for encouraging me to embrace the responsibility and to actually take an action.

Last, thank you for 2008. Tomorrow is still cloudy, but I believe, just as I have witnessed your brush painting my life this year, you will paint the same beautiful picture next year. With that, I can rest assured. 

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