Monday, June 28, 2010

Three Utmost Important Twitter Tools

I've been using twitter pretty heavily this last few weeks because my company is jumping into this social networking bandwagon, and as a avid users myself, I am getting the privilege to manage it. For this purpose, I've been looking for several twitter tools that could make my twitter experience easier, like managing followers, deleting mass followers, looking at trends, etc. And in this post, I'd like to share with you three tools that I consider are the utmost important.

I really think this is the most comprehensive twitter tools ever. You can search and filter your followers based on several variables like who haven't tweeted in the last 90 days, those tweeps who do not follow you back, and even those who have no profile picture. You want to do mass follow / unfollow? Piece of cake, just "select all" after you do the filter, and then "delete" or "unfollow" or "block" or whatever your like. So, it is a very fun and helpful application to use, especially if you have more than 1000 followers. For good complementary reading on refollow, click here.

2. Twitter Analyzer
Don't let the word "analyzer" scares you off, it sounds a bit geeky admittedly, but this is a very fun tool to use as well. First, unlike many other twitter tools, this one does not require you to sign up or to follow them on twitter etc, just type in your username and let them do the trick.

One distinct feature that I like from this tool is that it can find who are your closest tweeps, who mention you the most, who you interact the most and, to be fair, who you disregard the most. Thus, you can either keep your friends close or, identify who seems less influenced by your tweet, and start building relationship with them (keep your enemies closer right?). If you are a data-driven type, or wanna still sound smart although what you do is tweeting all day, justify your action and impress them with Twitter Analyzer.

3. @unfollowr
This is not even a twitter tool, but this twitter account really provides solution to the pressing question - who are those people who have the audacity to unfollow me? I used Qwitter before this, which worked pretty good until it started getting drunk and sending inaccurate report.

Nice thing about @unfollowr is you don't have to log in or whatever, just follow the account and it will send you DM whenever someone decides to unfollow you. Yes, it is heart-breaking when someone does that, that's why I need this tool to know whose names I should write-off from my Christmas list.

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