Monday, August 22, 2011

Joplin, Three Months After

Joplin, MO is the destination and thus the 13 hours drive on Tuesday night with a team of 17 (10 adults and 7 kids). Brief background story: On May 23rd, a massive tornado hit Joplin destroying 1/3 of the city and killing at least 154 people. And thus here we are, three months later, cruising 705 miles from Columbus to Joplin with sheer intention to help with whatever tiny muscle and how-tos we have. 

Welcome to Joplin
The statue was "moved" from a park nearby by the tornado and landed safely at this concrete 
Although some areas are pretty much cleaned up, there are still some areas, like this, that remain untouched. 
What's left from the house. People write their house number and street address because the area is so destroyed that people don't recognize what street they're at. 
This is the tree that we're supposed to cut with an electric chainsaw. But none of us seems to know how to use such incredible tools and when one of us tried (me unfortunately), it took me prob 3 minutes to do the job (and 5 secs for him). Do the math, so we're being "liberated" from the task for the sake of efficiency and he let us watch and enjoy the show. 
The same tree, before being cut off, carried to the curb by the help of a larger tractor. 
This was a residential area before the tornado but now what's left of it are broken trees, vacant lots and foundation of houses.  

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