Thursday, November 24, 2011

Charity This Christmas - Where to Donate?

There is at least one time in a year where people care about charity and more gleefully rummage their pocket to find some money to donate. Yes, the highly advertised season of joy and blessings is just at the corner. Because of this, I am sending an early gift for you guys by listing some of the charities that I am supporting / proposing and hopefully this will help some of you to decide which charity to give this Christmas. And since Christmas is again the season of sharing and helping, I ask you guys to list your charity or non-profit giving in the comment section to help other readers to decide too.

First and foremost, World Vision. You can adopt a child for $30-35 per month. This will not only pay for their school, but also to build their community by building infrastructure and facility.

2. Kiva: A micro-finance type of charity, supporting entrepreneurs all around the world by loaning money.

3. Room to read: building schools and library to educate children. They believe the world change when children are educated!! Amen to that.

4. If water is your thing, charity:water may be a good channel. Committed to bring safe and clean drinking water.

5. The hunger project: their vision is to end a person's  hunger not by giving them fish, but by empowering and teaching them "how to fish"

What about you? Please don't hesitate to share charities that you want to support or call out!!

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