Friday, July 19, 2013

After 9 Months

9 months and 9 days

That is how long I have been absent from this blog. Not that anyone would realize, but finally I feel guilty for not writing again. Not because I will write anything inspirational, because a travel log on my journey to Cambodia can hardly be called inspirational. Not because anyone blame me for not writing. But just because  this blog has recorded significant moments of my life - due to my discipline of writing - and I intend to keep it that way.

9 months and 9 days is what it took to make me realize that I have not been putting too much thought into what's going on around me. I have left my crayon untouched and left the world uncolored, and I intend to make it stop.

So, today is July 19th 2013 - the date where one streak of color is painted on the canvas.

First, let me blame someone for these 9 months
1. For eight months, my writing class had occupied my time and really deplete all the desire, that was very negligible to start with, to write.

2. I have been managing two other blogs. So in my defense, I was nothing like that sloth who was busy watching Masterchef (although that is a frequent occurrence), but just because I have so many blogs to juggle with. Ha, so give me a break.

3. The world was boring. Well, maybe not. Because during that 8 months window, Oklahoma was hit by tornado, a new pope was elected, and Obama won the election. But somehow all of those left me undisturbed. It was not until Travyon Martin trial started and the hateful responses following its verdict that left me disturbed. The world does not run out of problems, in fact it can't keep up with the problems.

So rest assure, I will write more often (let's not remember that I have made - with such an ease - a similar promise in this blog which I have broken as easily too). Granted nothing distracting will happen in the next couple of days, please anticipate my next blog on my trip to Vancouver and Seattle.


Agnez said...

mana blog travel Vancouver and Seattle nya?? Gw tagih haha

Gerry C Joeng said...

Tuh uda, biar lu puas, haha.

Anggie said...

Blog ttg pulang Indo juga kaga ditulis Ger.. udah sethunn -_-"

Gerry C Joeng said...

Oh iya yah, sampe lupa, haha. Soon.