Sunday, August 17, 2008

August 17th

Hei, its Indonesia's Independence Day and I believe this day worth an entry in this fledgling blog; maybe to give a sweet little taste of nationalism. What has brilliantly emblazoned this day is the gold medal by our badminton male double, Markis Kido/Hendra Setiawan. Such a perfect timing and moment, sparkling another reason to be actually proud to be Indonesian. 

I know, there are more things that tarnished Indonesia's reputation but still, in the midst of the crisis, we can always put a positive mindset and seek for some glorious accomplishments, even when those are buried in a rubble. Hei, in every darkest storm, there is a rainbow. So, why can't we put a smiling face and, being an Indonesian in this foreign country, lift our head high and walk with pride. Not because of our nation's achievements or failures, but merely to the fact that we love Indonesia, at good times or bad times. Just because, whether you admit it or not, our worldly home is in Indonesia.

John White in his book "The Cost of Commitment" once said, what defined your earthly citizenship are these two things. "You must be born in a country and spend most of your life there". So, I assume, I born in Indonesia, grew up in Jakarta and spent my first 18 years of life exposed to the cultures and values of "Anak Jakarta". So, what can I say? You can point out hundred reasons against Indonesia but deep inside you, you know that you belong to Indonesia, it runs and is deeply ingrained in you. 

Thus, although I am currently not at home, but when someone asks me when will I go back to Indonesia? I can definitely say, "One day, I will. It's my home and even though I go around the world seeking for a better place to live, still, nothing feels better than your own home."


NB: Maybe I should put some images, this blog looks dry. 


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