Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wish Comes True

Well, it has been an old unrealized dream to create a blog. Actually, I had posted several blog entries at friendster ( and, to add another achievement to my blogging resume, had one of my blog being published in BizResearch corporate website ( Thus, I have done this blogging thing for quiet a time now, on and off (not to forget my easily swing mood). I like writing, believe me, but not that much. C'mon, ranting and babbling are way more fun than writing, and not forgetting the whole grammar and structure thingy which when all added up, I, most of the time, flee just at the thought of it. 

So, what's different now? Skeptics might ask "How long will this last? This must be another temporary hype". Well, I can't promise anything since I am myself still at the state of disbelief and awe at the fact that I am actually writing a blog. But, I will try to put several entries occasionally, maybe at some emotionally exhaustive moments; like when the next time a girl dumps me or when I get a revelation from the most high. My point being is I do like to write, once in a blue moon. But, for the sake of this blog and for all of you who are highly anticipating my entry, I'll stretch myself to write on a regular basis. 

I believe putting your experience into words helps you to express your emotional feeling, being more attached to the world around you. Especially for an emotionless guy like me. I believe everyday has its own colour and you can define your day by a colour, be it black, green or even reddish indigo (if such color exists) and to be able to identify the color that best represents your day, is a skill to be developed. Rule of thumb: for me, red represents anger so you will hardly see that colour come up in this blog. black represents, uhm, dead? Well, maybe not that far. I'll let it open to conjecture then. That's the whole point right?

So, let's colour your day, roll up your sleeves, hold your brush tight and pick your color! Yipiee, I see a lot of enthusiasm right there, and I seeeee ........reddish orange (haha, i know, i'm bad with colours)

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the soul singer said...

love your way in putting words... unique and fluid!