Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love is in the Air

People call it Valentine's day. It is the time for girls to be pampered with romantic dinner and surprises. For businesses, it is the time to lure guys into buying flowers for twice the usual price. For guys, it is the time when they comply with all of those without much ado; these include putting off their shorts and putting on their vest. 

To join the crowd, "Coloring Every Moment" decided to dedicate this month for Valentine's day. This will, in particular, showcase my "valentine's" journey which many people are not privy to and also uncover another side of me which is more often than not being suppressed and remain untouched. 

You've heard the phrase "Behind every great man is a great woman". Well, in my case, I'm not sure about the "great man" part, but definitely there is a great woman. So, getting into more specifics, all of the upcoming entries are a collection of my forbidden emotions; more expressible in writings, inspired solely by her and dedicated specially to her. 

So, for that woman who has let me see the beauty of sunrise and the darkness after sunset, who has shown me that the sun will rise and also will set, this is for you. Thank you - for coloring my life. 

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