Sunday, May 16, 2010

Places To Visit in Columbus - Part 1

When you think about Columbus, you and maybe the other 95% of people will think about the renowned Ohio State University, which is good because that's what Columbus, OH is well-known for. However, it is unfortunate that places like Goodale Park, Hoover dam, or Hayden Falls, beside their pristine beauty, remain untouched by visiting tourists, locally or nationally or even internationally. That's what prompted this post; I've had the chance to visit these places and I truly believe that their beauty should not be overlooked. Below are some pics which I hope will convince you to visit these places right after you're done visiting Ohio State University.
Goodale Park - With its natural beauty, this park is perfect for picnicking, jogging or even for playing around with ducks. 
Santa Maria Boat - I did not go for the tour so I have no idea what this boat is all about. I'm pretty sure it has some interesting historical stuff if you're really interested. For me, this pic is enough. 

Hayden Falls - I was so close to sending this pic to several magazine editors out there. I'm sure the splendor of the Falls plays a bigger role aesthetically, but surely you can't dismiss that guy right there. 

Topiary Park - a very beautifully landscaped park, with a pond at the center of the park which provides you with a very comfortable place to chill and appreciate the art of topiary. Where's the picnic basket?

to be continued.... 

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