Monday, November 29, 2010

Random Pics - Jakarta

I understand that Starbucks is a well known brand, but coffee and meatball may not be the perfect mate don't you think? Let me have one Growbucks meatball and hmmm, one tall caramel macchiato please? Just doesn't rhyme.

Imagine my initial response when I discovered this obscene writing on a pavement in my complex, "What bastard would wrote such profanity in a residential area full of innocent children?". Then it suddenly dawned on me that this is a jogging track, and they used to have a running race. Connect the dot, and voila. lol. Can you blame them for misspelling an English? 

Again, I can understand if you use Obama's name for your business, it's commercial anyway (although I'm not so sure he's gonna be thrilled to see that). But, Mbah Marijan, out of all people? lol. Please take Tom Cruise, or Trio Macan or even Cinca Laura for that matters, but mbah marijan? I beg not.  

How many gadget do you see in the pic? I should remind myself over and over again that I'm not at a cellular shop, that they're not selling cell phones and how many phone they have is none of my business. But, still, six phones and an ipad? I would suggest them to test for prostate cancer.


Vincent Tjandra said...

LOL! I never read your blog before... Lucu juga comment2 sarcastic lu.

Masa bakso growbucks itu jualan kopi?
Serius lu kalo Penis itu sebenernya Finish? Ga mungkin lah hahahaha.
Prostate cancer hahaha, they definitely have one by now lol!

Anggie said...

Hahahahhaha... LOL!! Nice blog Ger!

Ivan said...

LOL ngakak gw baca blog lu ger haha
btw, tuh bakso kalo lu yg pny namanya jd bakso growhair ya