Wednesday, December 15, 2010

First Poll: Writing Class?

Hey guys, a simple poll here to get your honest opinion. Here is the story..

I've been getting some urge from people to go serious into this writing business. "Hey, you should write a book man" or "I love your writing, continue doing it". As sweet as they sound, it is really hard to discern which one possesses a genuine heart-felt tone and which one contains fake flattery. Not that I'm judging but hey, that's a valid point. The difference between 'Aw, how cute is your dog', and "Hey, I think your dog should join a dog pageant" is worlds apart and I just want to make sure that writing is really my cup of tea, in your opinion.

For me, I like writing, sometimes. I like babbling, a lot. But to make it as a serious venture or to consider myself as the great venerated author had never crossed my mind, even now. But, I think I should not take lightly what people say, if they see that as a possibility, I should consider and this is what I'm doing.

I'm not aiming to be a super professional author producing a New York Times bestseller, but if this is a skill that God has given to me, I definitely want to be responsible for it. I know writing can be powerful and I can see some future of me with a laptop and a printer - writing article for ministry, book review, etc. But before I step into that uncharted territory, I need your honest, blunt or brutal opinion.

Thanks. (the poll is on the top right side of the blog - your simple yes or no is greatly appreciated and will greatly determine what the future holds for me. Yes, it is that dramatic.)

PS: and this is the writing course that I'm considering.

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