Monday, January 3, 2011

Her Best Christmas Party.. Ever...

Turn left for the Christmas Party

I follow the sign to join the party that seems to be the hottest event this year - everybody in town have been talking about it. This is my first year in this part of town and my first Christmas away from my family so I'm not sure what to expect, probably the same predictable things like carol singing, gift unwrapping, hand shaking, etc etc? At least that's what I've seen in the movie. My family is never big on Christmas so we don't really do those stuff, but still it feels weird to spend Christmas without them.

My thought travel back to the time when I set up the old Christmas tree at our living room, when the five of us sit together on a Christmas service, strolling and shopping for discounted Christmas decoration at the mall, and sharing Christmas dinner together. My thoughts time traveled further back and I am captivated for a while at the memory of my wedding day with my husband, also on Christmas. Or the proceeding Christmas afterwards, seeing three of my children one by one, growing into a God-feared man and woman. Indeed, my life has been blessed by the King and every Christmas is a celebration for that.

So, here I am at this new place, the first Christmas without the presence of my family and friends. As I approach closer, the sound of festivity is getting more evident; people cheering, chuckling and giggling. The mere merriness and joy quickly arrest my attention and I feel my feet is walking faster in enthusiasm and my heart is pounding with impatience. As I stand before the door, I take a deep breath, practice my best smile and with all my might, open the door. And what I see inside the door is eye-poppingly beyond my imagination.

My fake smile quickly vanishes and turns into a wide smile expressing both amusement and disbelief. At the center of the hall is a group of choir singing joyfully the anthem of Christmas. I see people from all nations and ages praising the miracle of Christmas, their countenances are beamed with joy and thanksgiving, reflecting the whole ambiance in the room. Celestial creatures hovering on top of them, playing musical instruments in the most melodious fashion. The music is soothing, the choir is majestic; and I stand there in amazement for a while, absorbing the grandeur of such scene.

At each corner of the room stand the most magnificent Christmas tree ever, and as I observe them closer, each corner represents one specific season. The tree is unlike what I’ve ever seen; light emanate from it and I can smell the fresh scent of nature. I soon learn that the tree is not decorated by ornaments or toys, the tree from the spring season is an oak tree blooming with all my favorite flowers; roses, tulip and lilies. Cute bees and butterflies are dancing merrily around it, celebrating their own Christmas. I always want to be a florist and the tree before my eyes has such beauty that blow me away. Nature has never been this harmonious, and at the crest of my excitement, I feel my legs start to dance around the Christmas tree joining in the rhythm of the choir. 

Too caught up in the excitement, I forget how starving I am. I quickly head towards the banquet to tame my growling stomach and what I see is the most sumptuous banquet ever. Delectable food from all kind of cuisines are available, even my local hometown food. I grab a full plate of food and find a seat with three other people. As I devour my meal, I quickly find comfort in them. They are genuinely nice and the conversation is so full of love. It feels like we have known each other for ages, and we just jump from one topic to another so seamlessly, share about our life, our most embarrassing moment to which we all listen attentively, laugh heartily and tease lovingly. Such a blast - I have never felt being so loved.

In a sudden, the choir stop playing and there is this five second of silence before the choir starts playing Messiah by Handel. Words fail to describe the sensation, I just feel an insurmountable feeling of joy at the playing of that piece. The door slowly open, and I see the Master of the Banquet enters in. His face is resplendent in glory, his smile is amiable and alluring, and the splendor surrounding him is so grandeur and so majestic. In his eyes I see a blazing fire and a calm water, in his presence I feel completely undone and completely confident. And I think everybody in the room share the same feeling, we all can't help not to revel and praise him, the Christmas himself.

I watch him closely, and I think he notices me and starts to approach me. When we stand face to face, he says to me, "Hey my daughter, I hope you enjoy the party as much as I enjoy it. I know what you are thinking, but you know that they all will also come to this point sometimes don't you? And that they will get to enjoy the party as well."

I agree with him, "I know, but I just hope that my husband and my three children will be with me here. I am sure they will be thrilled to see what fun I have in here. I wish they all were here to talk together with you, and experience you, the true Christmas."

"I know you miss them, and they miss you too you know?" He replied. "And although they won't be able to spend Christmas together with you anymore, I hope they realize that you are having far greater blast here, that you are at the source of Christmas, where the blueprint of Christmas is made, where Christmas is not being role played, but where you can meet with the people I used to make Christmas happened, where the greatest Christmas carol is sung by my angels, and where the baby in the manger is at. It's all happening in here, here is the ultimate manifestation of the joy and peace of Christmas. And I hope they will truly understand that - and maybe they will be less saddened."

Footprint In The Sand
I listen to him and I remember what my family have been going through and hope they really understand that I'm okay here. "It's true God, and I hope they will understand the reason that you have behind everything that happened to me. I can imagine how they feel about it, I just hope they could see what I see here, I hope you could make it easier for them, could you God?"

"Well, that is something that they should trust in me." He said. "But you don't have to worry, I am watching their back, as I watched yours. You know I will never leave them. I'll help them, and walk with them along the way. They will get to that point eventually. Now, leave that to me, and enjoy the party would you?"

I nod slowly and walk away, I know he loves my family more than I love them, and I know my husband and children will do just fine under his loving hands. Nothing can separate them from the love of Christ right?

Still deep in my thoughts, I hear my friends' voice calling for me, I quicken my pace and join them into the hustle bustle of the party.

This is clearly not the greatest story, but I will remember this story every time I miss her presence - that what she has with God is far greater than what I have here. If this is true, then I should not be saddened by the reality of spending the rest of my Christmas, New Year, Easter, Birthday, etc without her. I should be joyful knowing what she has there clearly is better in every respect. Christmas here is simply crumbs of what she has there, the celebration here is an overspill of the celebration she has there with God. I know she is smiling now, and I should be smiling too. 


Helen Santoso said...

one beautiful story. It brings me peace & joy. Christmas season always reminds me of my mom too, since she passed away a week before Christmas. She was invited to join the grand banguet, that's what she said before she went to meet the Lord.

Leo said...

A beautiful party indeed.