Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Random Pics - Part 2

I am pretty sure that those kind of oil is freaking expensive and will make a great fried chicken. But why, and again, why would you waste it on a supernatural showdown? The image of people sprinkling expensive oil and to rub them on their stomach or forehead is itching for me. I am sure God doesn't mind if you use Bimoli or baby oil for that matter. Let preserve olive oil for the next time you cook Italian dish, and I'll trade my baby oil, or massage oil, or even my natural facial oil the next time you need one. Deal?

Worry not, I'm not at Amazon river and I'm not being attacked by an army of Piranhas. These imported fishes from Turkey are actually cute and harmless - and I deeply believe with the world becoming more globalized and the more trade-barrier being lifted up to import these fishes, the occupation of masseur is under threat. They are great massager; they tickle, they don't talk much, they won't bruise your muscle and leave you in deep pain the day after, they work together for the client satisfaction and they claim to bring restorative effect. There you go, the next future of massage.

I believe in the God of trinity, and that is why when I bought Neril Shampoo and learned afterwards that they also have conditioner and tonic, I quickly receive both of them to be my helper and deliverer. The trinity of my hair is now complete and as the maxim says, do your best to treat your hair, but let God do the rest. Yes, to you three I surrender.

Do you sometimes feel like not in the feeling to dispose your waste due to the fact that you have to clean / wipe / sterilize your bottom? I do sometimes, it is not the most pleasant activity, it is gross and filthy. But why in the United States of America, the most developed country in the world, this technology does not exist? I know you are independent and want to control how things should be done. But for this matter, really? Let leave it to the machine to do the washing for you, and what you have to do is to wipe it just in a single stroke, yes, a single stroke. Hey, you have washing machine for your car, but not for your bottom? We can make it shine and smell nice too you know?

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