Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Elizabeth Gilbert's Talk on Creativity

It is not in my natural inclination to watch a video twice, and if that is ever the case, only for two possible reasons. First, the video bores me to death but yet watching it is necessary for certain purposes. Second, the video is freakin good that only when I watch it twice or more that my enjoyment is completed. This video by Elizabeth Gilbert undoubtedly falls into the later one, and my excitement went to the extent that I, to my own surprise, got up off my chair, and in a perfect harmony with the audience in the video, gave a standing ovation.

So, what's in the video that really piqued my interest? I think the way she delivered the talk was beautiful, as in no-other-people-can-do-it beautiful, as in exceptionally beautiful. Her word choice, eloquence, body gestures really arrested my attention, and these factors alone, without considering the argument heavily, already earned my favor.

I will not talk about the content beside this, that it is a subtle way to describe God, an "entity" that some called Jehovah, Allah, Shiva, Zeus, The Universe, The Force, The Light, or The Creator. Whatever label you want to put on the word "God", it is secondary to this talk. For me, at least, this talk shows that God, or "A Genius" actually exists, be it inside or outside us, and the belief that there is no god will only do more harm to those who believe it.

So, please enjoy the video, it's worth 18 minutes of your time.


Bebe said...

What do you think about Eat, Pray, Love? Abis nonton ini, my skepticism rada berkurang sedikit tentang buku ini :D

Gerry C Joeng said...

Gua ga even selesai baca th buku, entah mengapa, unlike the video, sepertinya terlalu bertele2 n ga ada pointnya, hehe.

emang apa skepticism lu?

Bebe said...

Yeah, Kalo baca review-nya kayaknya ini buku lebih cenderung ke arah self-help (Chicken Soup kinda thing, which I DISLIKE)and seems like dia promote her self too much (yah pokoknya kyk lumayan super woman gt)...But I might give it a try after watching that video :)