Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Simpler and, Hopefully, a Better Blog

Everything in this world undergo changes; from Britney Spears to Lady Gaga, cassette player to Ipod, telegraph to Blackberry, etc etc you name it. The world is revolving at an accelerating pace, shutting off tomorrow's trend and welcoming today's hype. Changes are always on the horizon, and the wisest people will always roll their sleeve up to embrace them. This concept, even starts to change: we are not to be reactive to change, but to be proactive; we are the agent of change.

So what's all this babble about change? Am I running some political campaigns here?

I apologize for not being direct, but as I myself have undergone several changes in my life (which I hope is conspicuous to you all through the three months zero entry in my blog), I decided to be more flexible with my blog.

I was adamant in dedicating this blog to some issues 'out' there, be it political, social or economy (of course with some flavors here and there about myself). Thus, each entry was expected to be lengthy and complicated, but as my life started to resemble those two criteria, I was running out of hands to even navigate and arrange the pieces of my life, and let alone to write a lengthy and complicated entry on an issue 'out' there.

Fully aware of the changes and limitations in me, and unashamedly still seething with passion to write, I duly declare here that my blog will switch gear from today onwards. I will put down my idealistic approach and start having fun with it. It will be, just like what the name 'coloring every moment' suggests, full of topics across the board - the same old 'out' there issues, or even some rambling that is too long to be tweeted.

Blogging is a pleasure, and rambling is something far too precious to let go or to over-complicate. So, just like a toddler taking it easy with crayon, let's treat a blog just like a blog, a place where your most brilliant idea or your most witless comment can be heard and be made known to all the people 'out' there.

So, let's expect more entries in the upcoming week guys!!!


Vincent Tjandra said...

That is really true!! I kinda being to perfectionist with my blog too. I think blog should not be that hard to write because it is from inside your heart. And most important, like you said, it should be fun!!

Joe said...

Need more cow bells!!!