Sunday, April 11, 2010

By Request... You Are Eliminated

Not many people are privy to the fact that I've used to take pride in my wide collection of songs. Although there are tons of songs that I probably never listen intently, it always feels good to be able to share some songs whenever someone put a request.

But for the last several years, I've been trying to let go of that stupid ambition and concede my defeat to other fanatics who are more ambitious than me. As I ruthlessly delete some of the songs that have never been my favorite, I do realize that the remaining songs collection actually resemble my personality better.

So, what actually are the songs that I have to put permanently into the recycle bin? Here are some examples:

1. Classical music
Classical music is definitely not my favorite music, ever. They are to be played occasionally with the desired effect of increasing my intelligence, but I think this effort is 23 years too late. Now that my IQ is fixed, no matter how many times Andrea Bocelli sings, it never seems to achieve its intended purpose.

2. Japanese or Korean music
During my junior high-school years, in the midst of an identity crisis, I was led to conform to a handful of my friends who were really into this type of music; L'arc-en-Ciel or Rurouni Kenshin or any other typical 'anyong-haseyo' music. But now as I know myself better, I can boldly declare that I would only listen to songs that are understandable to me, and unfortunately Japanese and Korean are not listed on my resume.

3. The Beatles
Yes, the beatles. I know some of you will gasp in terror and disbelief, but please pardon me for not liking them very much. Regardless of their well-respected songs, I just don't see myself singing to the beat of "Love me do" or "Yellow submarine". I harbor no specific grudge to their songs, well maybe beside the fact that they are too old for me, and listening to them is like scaling down to watch "24" on a black and white television.

I will stop here before I ramble too much into Stevie Wonder or Elvis Presley and get into trouble. The point is, I like my iTunes playlist better now, and I don't have to keep on pressing 'next' when Luciano Pavarotti voices his tenor. We can't have all kind of music, sometimes we need to make choices and pick some that really dear to us. So, sorry Andrea Bocelli, L'ar-en-ciel and The Beatles, you guys are eliminated.

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